What our customers think of us:

John Fortner

CEO ,Crionx LLC

The Inceptorytech team understood the project goals and said they could help us meet our aggressive deadline. Within the first week, the project started picking up speed and we felt like we would meet our deadline. They quickly adapted to our project needs. Without their assistance and expertise, we would have missed a critical milestone in our project.

Shoan Berry

CEO , Metro Esports

Arindam did a fantastic job of turning our corporate vision into a digital reality. The communication, patience and work ethic of he and his Inceptory Tech team is unparalleled.

Sagar Modha

CEO , Aaizoon

Best development firm Inceptory Technology Pvt Ltd, Arindam the head guy quite friendly and very helpful..... They are committed to work.

Why Choose Angular?

We try harder everyday to learn, adapt and take ownership of the results. In short, we won't give excuses and get the job done.


Component-based Architecture

Angular’s component-based architecture helps developers easily split, decouple, and re-integrate web and mobile apps into individual components. These independent components/modules can be reused like LEGO blocks for building customized, bug-free, and easy-to-maintain apps, at reduced development time.


Simplified Unit Tests

Good unit test coverage allows developers to refactor with confidence. This is where Angular’s unit-testing readiness proves to be beneficial. It helps developers write tests for individual entities - from components, services, pipes to widgets. Developers can isolate each code piece to detect errors earlier in the development cycle, thereby lowering correction costs.


Code Consistency

Inconsistent coding leads to delayed releases and rising costs. However, Angular's component-based architecture provides code consistency, optimizes cohesion, improves code readability, and updates predefined snippets within apps, thereby ensuring a smooth development process with improved code style.


Command-line Interface (CLI)

The Angular CLI is a powerful tool that helps scaffold, generate, develop, test, and deploy application code with greater ease. It takes away the tedious tasks of manually configuring files. It allows developers to add components and run end-to-end unit tests with the minimum command, thereby facilitating faster development and cutting down JS fatigue.


Dependency Injection

Angular’s built-in Dependency Injection (DI) design pattern adds objects or components at runtime, offering better program workflow within an app. It allows injected objects to be overridden (if required), providing better code readability. Angular’s DI is a paradigm, which keeps coding highly flexible, cohesive, testable, and mutable.


IVY Renderer

Ivy is Angular’s ahead-of-time compiler by default. This next-gen rendering pipeline reduces bundle size, recompiles components, debugs templates, removes unused code, improvises builds, and makes apps smaller for lazy loading and faster runtimes across mobile devices and tablets.

Let’s Get Started

When great minds come together to work, miracles happen. Our clients would agree about the way we’ve made that happen. And the best part is, you don’t even have to wait for the process to end to see the results. We’d be there with you at every step, giving you a clear picture of the milestone that lies ahead and beyond. But, that comes with thoroughness and a great deal of planning

Our Angular Development Portfolio
Our Clients
Angular Services

Hire dedicated angular developers from Inceptory Technology to get custom solutions suitable to your business requisites. From ideation to deployment – we offer an end-to-end service. Our experts develop spectacular applications with a focus on clean & robust codebase, functional design, and user experience.


Custom Web App Development

Talk to us if you want to get top-notch solutions with Angular. Our developers are adept at creating applications that offers high-end UX standards. We use “Backend as a Service” applications such as Firebase that eliminates the need of having a custom backend. This helps in cost reduction and enhanced maintenance. Our Angular team also reuses codes and components to ensure the faster development of your application.


Real-time Apps

Contact us if you want to create real-time apps like Chat Apps and Instant Messengers with AngularFire or Socket. Our certified Angular developers can integrate your chat app with NodeJS. To automate tasks, we use Grunt that helps in performing repetitive tasks like compilation, minification, unit testing, and linting. We use the most suitable plugin from the Grunt ecosystem to fast-track and step up the development process.


API Integration

We offer scalable and advanced enterprise-based Angular API development services, according to your specific business needs. Get in touch with our Angular team to get custom API solutions that cover integration, publishing, deployment, documentation, and maintenance of APIs. We’re experts at developing robust API architectures and top-notch security protocols like custom key encryptions for your complex apps.



Do you need to migrate your UI to Angular? Contact our developers who’re proficient at coming up with awesome migration strategies that simplify the entire process. Our developers can also upgrade Angular apps to a more advanced version. We are skilled at migrating route by route, when dealing with a large application and taking up the best migration approaches to prevent data loss and security issues.


Ajax Integration

Our Angular developers prefer to leverage Ajax techniques in dynamic web development. With adequate efficiency in JavaScript and HTTP Client Request, our team can skilfully create asynchronous web apps.


Ecommerce Development

Hire offshore Angular developers to create robust and conversion-driven B2B and B2C eCommerce applications. Our tailored online stores are equipped with the latest features and functionalities.


Dedicated Angular Developers

Hiring dedicated Angular developers remotely can help your business scale faster and get the reliable capacity to always deliver on time. You can hire dedicated Angular developers 40h/week at a fixed monthly rate that corresponds to their level of experience.


Support & Maintenance

Our seasoned Angular professionals and consultants can help you with organizing your Angular project structure, using TypeScripts, using Angular CLI for code generation, creating a component tree, creating directives, creating a suite of unit tests, adding NgRx for managing the state using Redux pattern, managing environment-specific settings and implementing other Angular best practices.

Hire Dedicated Angular Developers – Our USPs

Once you hire angular developers from us, you can rest assured of the following:


Agile Team

Our pool of reliable and experienced developers will build codes to ensure speed, scalability, security, and performance of your application.


Work Approach

Leveraging the advanced trends in Angular web development, innovative strategies, and a proactive approach, we can offer cutting-edge web solutions.


Cost-Effective Rate

If you seek to hire India’s proficient Angular developers at a cost-friendly price, you are at the right destination. Simply pick a hiring model and start developing the future of your business.


Quick Turnaround Time

If you are looking to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), you sure want to launch it at the earliest to gain a competitive advantage. Engage our offshore Angular developers who can actively help you in that.

The motto of Inceptory Technology is to maintain high standard in quality and build long term relationships with the customers.


Make your customers
love you.

Making 24X7 support responsive, you can now satisfy your clients with engaging and effective replies. Making 24X7 support responsive, you can now satisfy your clients with engaging and effective replies.


Increase your chances
to win the market

It’s possible. If your customers know you know them well. Our AI-based solutions analyze business data to help you make decisions faster and effectively. Our AI-based solutions analyze business data to help you


Improve your

Data-backed sales have always brought in results. Our BI and data visualization services optimize your sales efforts by automating it. services optimize your sales efforts by automating it.