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John Fortner

CEO ,Crionx LLC

The Inceptorytech team understood the project goals and said they could help us meet our aggressive deadline. Within the first week, the project started picking up speed and we felt like we would meet our deadline. They quickly adapted to our project needs. Without their assistance and expertise, we would have missed a critical milestone in our project.

Shoan Berry

CEO , Metro Esports

Arindam did a fantastic job of turning our corporate vision into a digital reality. The communication, patience and work ethic of he and his Inceptory Tech team is unparalleled.

Sagar Modha

CEO , Aaizoon

Best development firm Inceptory Technology Pvt Ltd, Arindam the head guy quite friendly and very helpful..... They are committed to work.

Why Develop Android Application ?

85% market share of smart phone is dominated by Android operating user.To reach large number of users you need to develop Android application.Android phone are economic as compare to iphone.So large number of people can not afford iphone.Develop your own Android application & save 60% Android app development cost.


Open Source Code

Being a opensource Android app development is popular.Developers has freedom download source code of Android code and do the customisation as per requiremnt.Android also allows to integrate third party plugin to enhance android app.



Android app source code can easily poratble to others opertaing system like Symbian,Blackberry etc.Developer preffer Android for this portablity.


Device Compatibility

Android app runs of billion of devices.Android app easily installed on tv,phone,watch.Android app loads device specific resources from resource files.All resource kept separately in different configuration static file.


Bending Compatibility

With Android devloper can easily combine two service.For example many camera app offer geo tagging.Android devloper can integrate location service with camera service.So to tag a location when user captures a picture becomes easy.


Market Share

Almost 85% smarphone market is dominated by Android phone.Android development helps to reach more customer through Android app.Business owner prefer Android app to grow their business. Google Play Store puts the Android apps directly into the hands of the users, which results in the big market share of Android app worldwide.


Rapid Development

Android app has fast development cycle.Developer can easily create feature rich robust android app within 8 weeks.Android development saves time & money and make the process easy to publish app quickly on Google Play Store.

Our Clients
Tech Stack for Android App Development
  • Language – Java, Kotlin
  • IDE – Android Studio
  • Database – SQLite3, FireStore, RX Java, Room

Being a reputed android app development agency we make take all neccesity step like choosing right technology and other security measurement so that your app run flwalessly and delployed in Google Play Store,so that people can download easily. We use latest techonogy to develop native & hybrid Android appliaction.Save 60% Android app development cost.Hire our experinced android developer to develop your android application.Save 60% android app development cost.No hidden cost.

Let’s Get Started

When great minds come together to work, miracles happen. Our clients would agree about the way we’ve made that happen. And the best part is, you don’t even have to wait for the process to end to see the results. We’d be there with you at every step, giving you a clear picture of the milestone that lies ahead and beyond. But, that comes with thoroughness and a great deal of planning. Hire experinced android app developer to make your andoroid app. Save 60% android app development cost.

'As android apps had to be run on different mobile architectures and source code portability was needed,so Java was choosen to develop Android app to make runtime similar to JVM.

Kotlin is official language of Android App development.Kotlin is an Android-compatible language that is concise, expressive, and designed to be type- and null-safe. It works with the Java language seamlessly, so developer can easily migrate existing java code into kotlin using Android studio IDE. Kotlin is focused on interoperability, safety, clarity, and tooling support.

Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android application development, based on IntelliJ IDEA .Android studio is powerfull editor and it helps to develop android app in quick time.

SQLite is an open-source transactional SQL relational database engine that is used to perform database operations on android devices such as storing, or retrieving data from the database. It comes with android bydefault. So, there is no need to perform configuration work to setup.

Cloud Firestore is a cloud-hosted, NoSQL database that your iOS, Android, and web apps can access directly via native SDKs. Cloud Firestore is also available in native Node. ... You can also create subcollections within documents and build hierarchical data structures that scale as your database grows.

Room is a database layer on top of an SQLite database. Room takes care of mundane tasks that you used to handle with an SQLiteOpenHelper . To use Room: Create a public abstract class that extends RoomDatabase. Use annotations to declare the entities for the database and set the version number.

It's one of the most discussed libraries for enabling Reactive Programming in Android development. It's touted as the go-to framework for simplifying concurrency/asynchronous tasks inherent in mobile programming.

Android App Development Services

Hire dedicated android developer from Inceptory Technology to get custom andoid mobile application solutions suitable to your business requisites. From ideation to deployment – we offer an end-to-end service. Our experts develop spectacular applications with a focus on clean & robust codebase, functional design, and user experience. Hire experinced android dveloper to develop your own android app. Save 60% android app development cost.


Custom Android Application Development

Do you want to develop custom Android app then we can offer world class Android apllication that runs seamlessly across all Android devices.Our experinced andoid developers develop custom android application according to your business requirement.


Stunning UI/UX Design

Our extensive experience in UI/UX design has earned us a good repute among our clients. We’ve been consistently focused on creating reliable and power-packed Android apps that render awesome user experience. Our talented UI and UX team closely collaborates with you to help you visualize your Android app before the development process starts. We make sure you’re able to transform your innovative ideas into meaningful stories.


Native Android App Development

We have substantial experience in leveraging Android Native Development Kit (NDK) for creating native apps for both SMEs and mature businesses. Right from performance optimization to integrations with newest technologies, our vetted Android programmers are deft at building responsive, intuitive and super-fast native Android apps that offer unmatched UI designs.


Hybrid Android App Development

We specialize in creating cost-efficient and scalable Android apps through the hybrid development approach that requires us to write code once for uninterrupted usage across multiple platforms. Our qualified Android developers are proficient with React Native and Ionic, the languages required to create hybrid apps. We’ve successfully delivered high-performing hybrid Android apps that come with multiple plugins, cross-platform support, code reusability and top-notch UX for our esteemed client base.


App Testing

Partner with us if you want bug-free app launches and higher app installs. We perform rigorous tests with emulators, simulators and other tools, and check its functionality, usability, and accessibility before they’re launched in the market. We check and remove all bugs that may otherwise hinder the operation. Our team of quality analysts work relentlessly to ensure your Android app runs smoothly across multiple devices without any technical glitch.


App Migration

We offer comprehensive porting and migration services, right from assessing your existing Android software to deploying it live on a new environment or platform. We ensure that the transition procedure causes zero impact to your day-to-day business operations or to your users. Our dedicated team is skilled at finding and implementing the right migration path that’s compatible with today’s technologies and upgrades.


Widget Development

Widgets display relevant content at a glance and let people access your app easily. Engage our Android app development services to develop and integrate interesting app widgets that your users can add to their device’s home screen.


Carrying Out Under-Developed Project

Left with an unfinished Android application? We got you covered! From integrating relevant features and functionalities to testing the usability of the existing components and fixing the issues – we are a reliable partner to carry out your dream project.


Support and Maintenance

Our extended post launch support is what you need to keep your application glitch-free at all times. Our experts execute security reviews, bug tracking and fixing, upgrades, UI changes, technology tweaks etc. to offer a smooth experience on your app while you can focus on your core business enhancement.


Hire Android Developers

Hire expert Android developers “On-Demand” and save time and money. Developers work as your extended team and save you 60% costs in the process. Hire experinced Andorid developer to make android app. Save 60% Android app devlopment cost.

Our Android Development Portfolio
Why Engage Android Developers from Us ?

Once you hire android developers from us, you can rest assured of the following:


Agile Team

We consider the needs and preferences of the users while planning an app development strategy. If they find your app easy to operate, its popularity will grow and it’ll cut through the competition.


Complete Transparency

We build the interface of application adaptable to variations. We make sure that the text is readable and the navigation fits within the screen for a wide range of makes and models.


Competitive Rate

Top mobile app development services are always tailored as per your requirement. We research your business extensively before starting the development process.


Quick Turnaround Time

Our app store optimization services help your application to stand out from the crowd in the app market of the iOS and Android platforms.

Our Clients
The motto of Inceptory Technology is to maintain high standard in quality and build long term relationships with the customers.


Make your customers
love you.

Making 24X7 support responsive, you can now satisfy your clients with engaging and effective replies. Making 24X7 support responsive, you can now satisfy your clients with engaging and effective replies.


Increase your chances
to win the market

It’s possible. If your customers know you know them well. Our AI-based solutions analyze business data to help you make decisions faster and effectively. Our AI-based solutions analyze business data to help you


Improve your

Data-backed sales have always brought in results. Our BI and data visualization services optimize your sales efforts by automating it. services optimize your sales efforts by automating it.